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Important to know

The most important thing is - DETAILS!

Like a beautiful woman, so the car makes up their details. If individual parts are "good" (the same shape, well-groomed), then the view will be excellent.



Photo tells everything ;)


Everyone knows that a car without proper care, sooner or later can turn into a problem. A car, which will always break down and repair costs of which will become too great, isn't for many a pleasant event.


It's no secret that the most important attribute of car parts are their quality, which can be very high for original manufacturers and relatively low for non-original ones.


Unoriginal spare parts are usually different in thickness or mass and they are made of other, lower quality materials.


In the event of an accident, there is a risk that non-original spare parts will not survive and will deform. In case of a severe accident, the parts can be deformed in an unexpected way, affecting the rest of the details and even the life and health of passengers.


Not many people know that crash tests were conducted using non-original spare parts, which proved that these parts can not withstand the same force in collisions as the original ones.


Testing a BMW 5. series 2003. on which Chinese parts were installed (bonnet, wings, bumper, spars), it was shown that during a frontal collision, the hood instead of bending would break off the loops and head towards the passenger cabin.


This may remember a guillotine for the passengers sitting in the front part of the car, it's worth to think about it for a moment.



Original spare parts guarantee high quality and proven safety. Using original details, you can be sure that all the components down to the smallest detail coincide with your car, and are created with the help of the latest technology.


Even comparing costs, original spare parts outperform competitors if you compare all costs that appeared during the use of the part, not its purchase price. Another significant advantage associated with the original spare parts is - saving your cars value.


For example, the total range of original VolksWagen spare parts corresponds to the highest quality, because in accordance with the quality control system Formula Q, the entire process of parts production is controlled and lead by VolksWagen, both in company and in cooperation with suppliers.


Similarly, BMW has the precision and functionality to the smallest detail: BMW's original parts are of the same quality standards as their cars - from the design phase to the quality assurance. The precision and quality of each BMW part ensures that all components in the BMW car are perfectly compatible for optimum performance and maximum safety as well as durability.


Even the original parts from Peugeot must undergo very strict inspections and checks:

• corrosion tests (only metal parts)

• work safety check

• check for exposure

• endurance tests

• inspection of each product (for example - inspection of alloy wheels: checking for wear, impact testing and paint testing).


The choice is yours!
Take care of your car - think before buying non-original parts. In the end, it will be more expensive and can harm your safety as well as your health!