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03.04.2023-06.04.2023    We work more actively than others 9:00-18:00 07.04.2023                        Happy "BIG Friday" ! 08.04.2023                    &nbs...

03.04.2023 Special Easter offer - emergency warning reflective triangle for only 0.99 euros

Go for a walk in nature or meet the Easter bunny, when leaving your car on the side of the road, put a triangle on it so that no one drives into it. If you buy a triangle, then the reflective vest is also 0.99 euros per piece be safe and visible. ...



31.01.2023 Warm prices for winter goods - stove fans and radiators at half price!

call and make sure! ...

22.12.2022 our working hours during the holidays!

23.12.2023  9:00-18:00     But we will already be drunk in the Evening! 24.12.2023  CLOSED!     But we can meet you for a short time for an additional fee! 25.12.2023  CLOSED!     See you at the church! 26.12.2023  CLOSED...


07.07.2022 We offer transport services for the delivery of goods from Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Great Britain, Estonia, Finland, Belgium and other countries.

You found a spare part in another city or another country - feel free to call and ask for it to be delivered to your door. we will offer a service: we checked, bought, brought to the door and installed. Call and ask, don't be shy. ...

07.07.2022 In the summer season, we offer our customers air conditioning in the showroom, so that the mind works better and the body enjoys the coolness!

at your request, we can adjust the temperature in the store premises. ...