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We are shipping our products Europe wide no matter what the size is!


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Company SIA "Baltic Auto"
TIN LV40103318287
Juridical address Artilerijas street 56-16, Riga, LV-1009
Factual address Lacplesa street 52/54, Riga, LV-1011
Bank A/S Swedbank
IBAN LV65HABA0551029121448



We accept PayPal and diverse Cryptocurrencys as well!

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When receiving goods from SIA "Baltic Auto", the buyer is obligated to make sure that the quality of the bought item satisfies him. If goods can not be checked on spot as there is no possibility to do so, the parties can agree a specific warranty period to check the quality of the item and it's return.


If the buyer purchases second-hand goods, SIA "Baltic Auto" does not undertake to change or issue a return of goods on which were discovered defects after its acquisition by the buyer. Similarly, for any other reason, no return or exchange is made. This condition is mentioned on the waybill as well.


SIA "Baltic Auto" does not change or accept returns of goods which markings, seals or packaging that SIA "Baltic Auto" itself installed before its delivery got damaged.


Returns are not possible for special orders, unless otherwise agreed.